Adventures in bread-making

I have been wanting to make my own bread for a while now.

Who doesn’t love homemade bread? Who doesn’t love homemade anything?!!

It’s just always better–well…Almost always. lOl

I love being able to control what my family is eating. I know what I’m putting in my food so I know what we’re putting in our bodies. I feel better about feeding my family things I’ve made in my kitchen.

Bread has always scared me.

I’ve tried before and failed.

I’d under-knead or over-knead. It didn’t rise correctly or something..Something always went wrong.


My hubby got me my mixer. It made this whole process SO much easier and a lot faster too!!

I used this super easy recipe HERE to make my first loaf of bread.

Her instructions were simple to follow and the ingredients were sitting in my pantry or fridge already.

So with my trusty mixer I started!!–Not too bad for my first time, if I do say so myself. Lol

Course I need more practice but this was a good experience and I plan on practicing more and more!!


The yummy finished project!

My husband was more than happy to be my taste tester since I couldn’t taste much of anything due to this nasty cold. lOl

He said it tasted and smelled delicious.

“Nothing like homemade bread”


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